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    6 Women Redefining What It Means To Be Eco-Friendly

    Life's a little greener because of them

    by NYLON x BITE 2016-05-24T13:30:00-04:00

    Photographed by Roman Yee

    We're taught to strive for a greener life, but the paradox of it all is how inaccessible (or unaffordable) it can be for most. What we put in our bodies is just as important as what we put on and surround our bodies with. The "green" life doesn't begin and end with ditching your car for a bike or making a conscious effort to eat more locally grown items. It extends into every aspect of one's lifestyle—including passions and employment. It's taken a few years, but the move toward more sustainable production methods and natural-leaning goods has picked up momentum.

    Some of the finest creators are right her in New York, and they're not your average run-of-the-mill green folk. They're a beauty mogul who shook Soho (and the rest of the industry) with the opening of a lipstick store and, most recently, released a lipstick collection with food-based and essential oil ingredients; a musician-turned-book publisher leading an eco-conscious life; fashion designers who've turned their cheeks away from fast fashion; a baker cooking locally; a writer and journalist looking to make sustainable stories en vogue. We caught up with these six women to see just what it means to be more eco-conscious and green in 2016. How does it affect their lives personally and professionally? The inconvenient truth of the matter is, change takes time, but with leaders who shine like these, change is possible. 

    Photographed by Roman Yee; Makeup by Jenny Kanavaros; Hair by Frank Rizzieri; Presented by Bite Beauty.

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