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    TK And Cipriana Quann Team Up With Elle Sasson For The Collection Of Your Dreams

    Is your body ready for fall?

    by Sydney Gore 2016-07-04T11:00:00-04:00

    Photographed by Gigi Ben Artzi

    Elle Sasson comes from a family that has always done things their way. Her father, Maurice Sasson, started building his own empire from scratch with Sasson Jeans back in the mid-70s. Mind you, prior to this, he had no experience in sewing, pattern-making, or sketching. "He decided to go to the flea market, get a bunch of old denim jeans, and remake them into new garments. These turned out to be the very first pairs of Sasson Jeans," says Elle. "He always says that anything is possible if you have the fire and passion in you, and I think this is the most valuable thing I have learnt from him." 

    With that in mind, Elle is somewhat following in her father's footsteps. Since 2014, she has been operating a business under her own name. Up until this point, her brand has mainly been focused on producing fun, resort wear with colorful prints. So for her next collection, Elle wanted to change things up. 
    Photo courtesy of Elle Sasson
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