star maps: slogan sweaters

say it, don't spray it.

photo by getty images
Slogan T-shirts are a summer staple, but what to do when the cold weather comes and makes wearing your words on your top a little harder? Get a new top! Not just any one, but one of these slogan sweaters with your new winter catchphrase stitched right on to it. 

Inspired by Ellie Gouldings "Pas Devant Les Enfants" [trans. "Not in front of the kids"] House of Holland sweater, we rounded up all the wordy knits you're going to need to get through winter. Feeling saucy? A catwalk sweater from Moschino Cheap and Chic's got you covered. Eternal optimist? Sparkle and Fade's "Stay Rad" oversized knit will keep you snuggly. Or maybe you've got 99 problems... there's a turtleneck from The Reformation that will help you alert friends to your burden. 

So tell, don't show, with all the best slogan sweaters on the market. With warmth and words, you win!