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    the prettiest outfits from this year's emmy awards

    heatwave? what heatwave?

    by nylon 2015-09-20T23:30:00-04:00

    Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

    It was very hot in Los Angeles today. Temperatures were flirting with the above-90-degrees territory and the folks at the Emmys were feeling it. What with all the makeup, hairdos, and gowns, it's easy to empathize with the attendees. That is not a situation we'd choose to be in—no matter how glamorous it looks. But these following women made it look like a cake walk. No fresh hell temperatures could cramp their style and praise is due. Seriously. The red carpet was boiling and yet these folks looked nonplussed. What heat, right? Anyway, you won't see us donning tuxedos or princess dresses when then heat starts to rise, but if we ever have to, these are our new go-to style inspirations.

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