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    3 Colorful Ways To Make Festival Beauty Work Every Day

    Because you've got to keep the spirit alive

    by nylon x clinique 2016-04-29T17:00:00-04:00

    Photographed by Zac Stone.

    Come festival season, the itch to experiment with your beauty look is strong. Those tiny oases of music and style provide a stomping ground for adventurous beauty and daring inspiration. But when the lights turn off, the last band plays, and you're home washing off your fun, that spirit can fade. C'mon. It's 2016; let's work to keep that spirit alive! The saying "dress the part" translates to all aspects of style—fashion and beauty. So, to help proverbially dress the part, we enlisted makeup artist Tony Tulve (and a grab bag of Clinique products) to create three, festival-worthy beauty looks that can be worn day in and day out. They may not be your average, everyday style, but festival style is anything but average, and toned-down variations fall under that umbrella. Whether it's a different shade of eyeshadow or a nuanced take on the winged look, it's all about adding a little edge to your usual routine. Hey, you may even find a new normal in the pages, ahead. You won't know, though, until you try. So, what're you waiting for?

    Photographed by Zac Stone; Makeup by Tony Tulve; Hair by Brittan White; Styled by Marissa Smith; Modeled by Viki Foti.

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