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    Factory Girl: Dani Stahl Gets Her DIY on with Jonathan Adler

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    by dani stahl 2016-01-14T16:00:00-05:00

    Photographed by Eric Helgas.

    A giant brass banana statue greets me as I enter the downtown NYC headquarters unofficially dubbed the “Fantasy Factory” à la Andy Warhol—a place where, at any time, a plethora of adorable dogs can be found running around at your feet. This lively space on Hudson Street is home to none other than the Jonathan Adler offices, and, fittingly, it’s where I’m undertaking my first-ever home-inspired Factory Girl experience.

    Of course, fashion is my usual beat. But, as you loyal readers know, I recently got married; when it came time for my husband and me to create our wedding gift registry, I found myself browsing kitchenware and apartment decor just as much as clothing, and even (gasp) shoes. And now, as I continue to decorate my new home, my obsession with interior design has only grown. (I get way more excited about a Bloomingdale’s home goods flash sale than I’d like to admit.) The way I’ve come to see it, I change my outfit two or three times a day—and if it’s fashion week, who knows how many times? I switch up my hair and my makeup as I so please. And I’m forever on the hunt for fun, new go-to meals. We modify stuff in our daily lives all the time. But for some reason the spaces we live in often remain static—and they don’t have to. Our homes should be something we play with, something that we have fun with.

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