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    Impress Your Friends With These Fresh Whiskey Drink Recipes This Friendsgiving

    + a tequila cocktail for those looking for something a bit different

    by Hayden Manders 2015-11-22T16:00:00-05:00

    Hey, everyone! Here’s an idea for your Friendsgiving: Instead of bringing over wine from Trader Joe’s, show off how elevated your drinking tastes have become this year and bring over a bottle of whiskey. You’ll feel pretty badass saying, “It’s cool, y’all. I’ve got the whiskey.”

    But, don’t just bring a bottle of life’s water (whiskey means “water of life”). Bring everything you need to mix up some deliciously autumnal beverages for you to help wash down all the turkey, stuffing, rolls, potatoes, and any other starchy food you shove in to your respective pieholes. We worked with Caskers, a leader in the artisanal spirits industry, who recommended four Friendsgiving-approved recipes that make whatever whiskey and coke mix you were planning look like amateur hour. It’s the American thing to do, really. 

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