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    15 Totally Rad Muslim Celebrities That Are Frightening Donald Trump

    he's very, very frightened, you guys.

    by gabriel bell 2015-12-08T16:55:00-05:00

    Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

    Donald Trump is very, very scared of Muslims. And, not just the radical, militant, and dangerous kind—a group that represents less than one percent of the total 1.6 billion people associated with the religion worldwide. No, Donald Trump is afraid of all Muslims. Why else would he call for a blanket ban on any of them entering the U.S. for immigration or tourism purposes? We mean, it’s not like he’s down in the polls and just needs to say something to get attention, right?

    Now, because he’s afraid of all Muslims, there are, naturally, some celebrities he’d probably want to avoid or have blocked from our country altogether. So, as a service to him, we’ve collected some of the most talented famous people you know and love who just so happen to also be Muslims. Because, Mr. Trump, Muslims are everywhere. They are in our magazines, reading our pages. They are in our TVs, acting in our shows. They are even on our websites, doing our Internets. It's a good thing we're pointing them out to Donald Trump because, really, they just look, act, and perform just like, well, everyone else. Be afraid, Donald. Be very afraid.

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