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    Meet Five Women Changing The Art Gallery Scene

    It's their art world, we're just living in it

    by Ben Barna 2016-08-02T10:00:00-04:00

    Photos via Getty Images

    In 2011, Mindy Kaling wrote a piece in the New Yorker about fake female movie personas. One of them was "The Woman Who Works in an Art Gallery." "How many freakin’ art galleries are out there?" she wrote. "Are people buying visual art on a daily basis? This posh/smart/classy profession is a favorite in movies."

    Kaling was referring to the so-called "gallery girl," or the more derogatory "gallerina," young women who work as assistants in art galleries, in the hopes that one day they'll achieve some level of success. But what would that success look like, and if you were Mindy Kaling, what would you call it?

    Well, if Kaling was referring to one of the following five women, she'd probably write: "The Woman Who Owns an Art Gallery."

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