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    These 12 Female Poets Are Giving A Voice To Women Everywhere

    Young women who are revolutionizing the rhyme game

    by Kirby Kelly 2016-07-25T14:30:00-04:00

    The best poetry isn't always what we're taught in school. It's easy to overlook incredible artists when we're bombarded with verses from old white dudes (no offense to Shakespeare and Wordsworth). Luckily for us, outlets like Instagram and Twitter have given new, young artists a platform upon which to share their work so that it has the chance to resonate with a large audience. 

    Unconstrained by time, place, or form, contemporary poets have the liberty of experimenting with language, mediums, and even visual art. I'm endlessly amazed by how poets are able to capture an experience that spans a lifetime in just a few short lines. 

    These 12 female poets are using their words to give a voice to the female experience. Read on for the women who are revolutionizing the rhyme game. 

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