dress your gadgets up in pop art outfits!

    by liza darwin · August 17, 2011
    Between the designer logo motifs (Fendi, Gucci, Marc, oh my!), cassette-tape copycats, and grassroots graphics, your iPhone probably has about as many outfit options as you do. And now here's one more to add to the, collection.

    InCase has just rolled out Round 2 of the brand's Andy Warhol iPhone, iPad, and Macbook cases. But instead of just prints, the artistic offerings this time include silkscreening, drawing and film images starring Elvis, Warhol's iconic telephone, and the Empire State Building.

    Staring at $39.95, these exclusive coverings are undeniably cool and totally timeless. In other words, unlike those impulse buys that we snag at the end of every season, these awesome accessories will never go out of style.

    Buy them starting today at InCase.
    Tags: tech, art
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