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    yes, it really is that pretty.

    by faran krentcil November 02, 2010
    If fashion fixes are your sugar highs, you'd better be sitting down.  Today, Lanvin releases the complete lookbook for their collaboration with H&M, and it's (really) even better than we expected.

    Cocktail dresses have mesh overlays embroidered with Golightly-esque gemstone "necklaces."  Shoes have lush silk ribbons and floral prints.  Faux fur is piled high, and cinched with satin bows.  This is a Dress Up Box collection for grown-ups and it's kind of a dream. 

    The entire line hits stores on November 23 - that's a Tuesday, for those planning your "I'm too sick to work" day - and for now, here's a hysterical video and some shots of the outfits seen on screen.

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