diy tattoo alternatives

get inked up...sort of.

photo via getty images

Ever since Bang Bang, the New York-based tattoo artist that serves the likes of Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn, handed the needle over to Miley Cyrus and a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been seriously contemplating taking my long-time tattoo dreams into my own hands, Miley-style. But seeing as I’m in no way brave enough to go the permanent route all on my own (eek!), I searched far and wide for some awesome, less-intense DIY alternatives. Whether you’re just not about the pain or you just want to keep on switching it up every few weeks, here are some temporary(ish) tats that you can whip out just about anywhere.

Check out the gallery to gain some major inspiration and view our favorite products...Get ready for some serious body art!

Alternative 1: Temporary Tattoos

First up, the fake tattoos of your childhood. Quick, easy, and totally Tumblr-worthy. (Plus, an adorable flashback to your elementary school days). 

Alternative 2: Henna Tattoos
100% natural and recognized as a traditional art form, henna tattoos are insanely cool, not to mention a rad summer beauty touch. Take advantage before the cold weather kicks in!

Alternative 3: Tattoo Pens

Available in a ton of colors and in glitter varities, tattoo pens are the best option for creating a pretty pic that’s 100% yours. Who ever said doodling was just for your diary?

Alternative 4: Gold Leaf Body Art

Last, but certainly not least, gold leaf body art is pretty much an undeniably cool trend we expect to see way more of in the near future. In addition to being twice as bold as your typical black-and-white, gold goes with just about everything--score!

** Correction: We had previously cited stick-and-poke tattoos as "temporary" DIY tattoo alternatives that fade over time. We would just like to clarify that stick-and-poke tattoos are in no way temporary. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.