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    Fresh Holiday Cocktails for Your Inner Mixologist

    because punch is so last year

    by Sarah Probst 2015-12-18T16:30:00-05:00

    illustrations by liz riccardi

    When it comes to holiday boozing, we've all been brainwashed. Drinking this time of year either means dumping liquor into a hot beverage or pouring whatever's left in your cabinet into a punch bowl. Of course, there's good reason for this—these options are easy and don't force you to live in your kitchen shaking drinks for guests. But 'tis the season for generosity, and what's more charitable than mixing signature cocktails for your family and friends?

    We pulled out our jiggers, shakers, bar spoons, and ice molds to craft a set of inventive drinks perfect for the holidays, whether you're entertaining a roomful of guests or just yourself during a Love Actually binge. While some of the libations ahead involve more time or a bit of technical skill, others simply require the ability to pour, measure, and stir or shake. No matter the method, they'll all conjure the spirit of the season—think of it as our gift to you.

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