private icon: ghost world

    "it's obviously a 1977 original punk rock look."

    by liza darwin · October 18, 2013
    It's always the right time to watch Ghost World. After all, does life really ever get any better than a pigtailed Scarlett Johansson, a disillusioned Thora Birch and a young, cool Steve Buscemi?! Answer: no, no it doesn't.

    But Halloween's coming up fast, and the 2001 film is jam packed with fashion inspiration. Meaning, it's the perfect opportunity to channel Enid and Rebecca on October 31--or let's be honest here, in real life-- and officially crown the cult classic Private Icon status. 

    Click through the gallery below to see our favorite Ghost World -inspired outfits, so you can at least pretend like you can't relate to 99% of humanity. Thanks to Enid and Rebecca and their killer style, being an outsider has never looked so cool.
    Tags: film, fashion
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