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    'AHS' In Real Life: The 10 Most Haunted Hotels In America

    american horror stories you can check into

    by gabriel bell 2015-10-06T14:00:00-04:00

    Image Courtesy of Fox

    It’s not only coming up on Halloween, it’s just hours until the debut of what’s already looking like the most delicious macabre treat of the year, American Horror Story: Hotel

    With those two witchy things in mind, we’ve got haunted hotels on the brain. Not only do they boast everything haunted houses offer—bumps in the night, dark histories, and so on—but overnight stays for intrepid travelers and room service. Like, why would you want to check out a purportedly haunted residence when you could check into one? Also, we are 100 percent sure at least a couple of these destinations inspired whatever will go down in AHS: Hotel. Best to read up now, right?


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