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    the coolest and prettiest collection ever

    hayley elsaesser is a print genius

    by Marissa Smith 2015-04-11T10:00:00-04:00
    Fall/Winter Collection Lookbook
    Fall/Winter Collection Lookbook

    photo by mark sommerfeld

    Designer Hayley Elsaesser uses color and prints to make unexpected, must-have collections. Her FW collection, Midnight Cowboy, is a sartorial pop art reimagining of Western inspired wares punctuated by the brand's vibrant surrealism. A high fashion modern wrangler warrior is the collection’s muse, living in a fashion world where east coast cool meets the wild west. Prints are heavy on the detail, easy on the eye.
    Click through the slideshow to see the lookbook and gain some major inspiration along the way.
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