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    uh huh, honey

    the best beauty products, straight from the bees

    by liza darwin January 16, 2014

    Honey might be great paired with peanut butter and stirred into tea, but guess what? It's also a miracle worker for your skin--it's hydrating, minimizes inflammation, and adds an extra boost to lotions, moisturizers, and masques. Bottom line: there are already about a billion reasons why it's super important we save the bees, and beauty is only the tip of the iceberg.

    If you have dry lips, try a balm packed with beeswax. If you've got a cold sore or a spot that needs healing, dab a little manuka honey on it and watch the blemish disappear. Or if you just want to give your complexion a little extra radiance, grab a lotion with bee pollen--you'll see the difference. 

    No matter what you're in need of, check out our picks for the best honey-spiked products in the gallery and get ready to feel bee-autiful (sorry, we had to!). 

    Tags: skin, hair, nails
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