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    the stars have a lot to say this month

    by christie craft 2015-06-01T11:30:00-04:00

    illustrations by liz riccardi

    June might seem a little weird, but this month will be filled with fun and beauty on such a lavish scale that Marie Antoinette would blush.

    A philosophical feel looms large early on with a deep-thinking Full Moon in Sagittarius on June 2. This transit sparks a period of enlightenment and awareness for the entire Zodiac. Some unlikely signs will experience deep sensitivity (more on that later). The season’s potential for love climaxes as sweet Venus pairs with bighearted Leo on June 5—a warm opportunity to take advantage of experiencing sexy heights and meaningful depths, whether you're single or attached.

    Mercury will begin to clear up miscommunications when he (finally) goes direct on June 11. Just days later, a magical New Moon in Gemini (June 16) will crystalize communications. Now is a prime opportunity for negotiating anything important or making pitches—action-oriented Mars has everyone’s backs.

    Jupiter and Uranus link up in what might be their luckiest position on the first day of summer (June 22). But on June 24, moody Cancer and explosive Mars cast a slight shadow on most of the summer. Some might feel family members under their skin a little more; others may turn uncharacteristically shady, passive-aggressive, and duplicitous.

    Read on for what the stars have in store for you this month. 

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