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    it's going to be quite the month!

    by christie craft 2015-05-01T16:20:00-04:00

    illustrations by liz riccardi

    This month begins with a deep, dark vibe on May 3 when the full moon transits through the zodiac’s most intense sign: Scorpio. This aspect will allow all 12 signs to access rare emotional depths, with the potential to make some people relatively brooding. Others may simply tend toward introspection, especially you stoner scholars (guilty!). Overall, if May seems super weird, your instincts are right—Mercury will go retrograde for the “bad three weeks” (more on that later). 

    Sexy Venus will enter watery Cancer on May 7 and stick it to the Crab Queen all month long. This aspect is rather lovely for all signs and is perfect for social mixing, particularly in your home. Some might even feel driven to blow the bank on redecorating. Don’t go too nuts, but May is definitely a great time to start caring more about your domestic space. 

    Venus seems particularly hard up this month, which should be really beneficial for romance and sex, especially when it comes to rekindling old feelings. Destiny vibes are in the air when it comes to any love connections beyond the casual encounter here and there. But if hitting it and quitting it is more your speed, May is a good time for that, too. 

    On May 11, Mars enters Gemini, where it’ll stay until late June. This aspect is primed for having a fling with a brainy pursuit or revisiting an intellectual interest. 

    The new moon in Taurus on May 18 will provide fertile ground for moneymaking ventures. But here’s the thing: Mercury will turn retrograde that same day in airy Gemini until June 11. Communication and technology will no doubt be messed up, so just focus on tying up loose ends. This is also a great time to deal with anything you feel is unfinished from the past. But please, do not sign any new contracts (unless you’re a masochist). 

    Read on for your individual horoscopes.

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