how to be a nylon intern!
photographed by nicholas routzen

how to be a nylon intern!

+ your guide to making it happen.

Ever wonder what it's like to work at NYLON?

The experience itself is impossible to put into words, but we'll just say it's amazing, unique, exciting, f****** cool...and we want you to join us!

Since we consider you guys all our BFFs, here's your chance to work for the most awesome magazine (and website) in the world.  We're on the hunt for Digital Editorial Interns, Digital Design Interns, and Beauty Interns so if you think you have what it takes, make sure you check off each of these steps and apply!

Step 1: Live in New York City.

Sorry, guys. We wish we could fly you out or have you all work from your local indie coffeeshop via Skype, but you must be able to come into our SoHo offices to be a part of the team! Hanging out IRL is way more fun, anyway. Plus, you'll get college credit, tons of free makeup, concert tickets, and film screenings. Oh, and if you're lucky, the chance to interview your favorite rockstar/actor/fill-in-the-blank icon. 

Step 2: Have previous experience.

It doesn't matter if it's a previous internship at another mag, fashion house, or record label, or running your own self-made zine! We want to see what you've done, and how you think your past work can add to NYLON.

Step 3: Know the NYLON voice.

We've worked hard on our content and style since '99. We think it's pretty awesome and you should, too! 

Step 4: Know what's going on.

We like to stay in-the-know—whether it's that cool, undiscovered band you saw play at a rooftop party, or an on-the-brink fashion designer, we want our interns to share all their hush-hush finds with us. 

Step 5: Know your craft.

If you're an editorial intern, you should know how to write stylized, spelling mistake-free sentences. If you're a photo intern, you should know your way around a DSLR, film camera, and Photoshop. If you're a design intern, you should be a Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign wizard.

Step 6: Be eligible to receive school credit.

All of our interns MUST be able to receive school credit. 

Made it through with all five checks? Then send a resume, cover letter, and portfolio in PDF form with the subject line specifiying the internship you are applying to (i.e. "Digital Editorial Internship") to No phone calls please! If we're interested, we'll follow up soon.

Good luck! xoxo NYLON 



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