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    book club: braids, buns, and twists

    learn how to get the awesomest hairdos from the author herself.

    by steff yotka December 19, 2013
    Here's how we know that Braids, Buns, and Twists, the new book by braiding expert Christina Butcher, is the best hair guide out there: Because the girl in the photo above with the really awesome braid crown is Butcher herself. If you can do a style that awesome on your own head, you've got our attention. 

    After starting the website Hair Romance, which gives how-tos for basically every hair style ever, and publishing three online books, Butcher decided to create a hard copy encyclopedia of hair. "I got into braids and buns because I've got naturally curly hair and sometimes a ponytail looks scruffy for work and school," Butcher told us over Skype from her native Australia. After experimenting she chose 82 styles, wrote out step-by-step tutorials, and voila, Braids, Buns, and Twists was born. 

    Out of all the awesome styles, we picked our three favorites to highlight for you: The Grecian Braid Crown, The Braided Side Bun, and The Bouffant (Read: Bardot) Pigtails. Check out those how-tos in the gallery and order your copy of Braids, Buns, and Twists here!
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