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    The NYLON Guide to Iceland

    what to do in in town and country

    by rebecca deczynski 2015-11-11T11:29:37-05:00

    Photo via @staygoldrebecca on Instagram

    Laden with volcanoes, hot springs, snow-topped mountains, and more, Iceland is a bucket-list destination for sure. The literal land of ice and fire may boast a population of less than 330,000, and its largest city may be one of the easiest European capitals to walk by foot—but that's what makes this Nordic island so great.

    From tomato farms to thrift stores, the country is full of exciting finds, but with enough planning, it's possible to make even just a short trip to Iceland a fulfilling one. In just three days, we scoped out the city for its coolest shops and restaurants, and also set out to see just how majestic the countryside was with its towering peaks and twisting rivers. There is so much to see and so much to do in this magical, chilly country, but it's more than possible to turn a quick jaunt over the Atlantic into a trip to remember. These are the best landmarks, sights, and hidden gems we found on our brief journey that prove that it's about time for you to book that plane ticket to Reykjavik already. 

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