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    Would D’Angelo Russell Have Been Right To Out Nick Young For Cheating?

    Did Iggy Azalea have a right to know?

    by gabriel bell 2016-03-30T18:30:00-04:00

    Photos by Mike Windle, Mike Coppola and Nick Laham/Getty Images.

    In today's "big celebrity news," there's some ugly stuff about slightly problematic and possibly appropriative Iggy Azalea. As unseemly and tawdry as it is, it’s making us ask a some legit questions about what it means to be a person with decency. 

    Let's recap: Recording artist Iggy Azalea is (or was) engaged to Nick Young, of the Los Angeles Lakers. Also on that team is the somewhat better basketball player, D’Angelo Russell, who allegedly leaked a video of an encounter with his teammate in which Young appears to admit to having sex with a 19-year-old woman outside his relationship with Azalea and without her knowledge. You can go over here for more including the video and what Azalea has tweeted since.

    While it’s just still so unclear how this video became public, we had a heated discussion about where and when we all draw the line at fidelity. While a public leak isn’t how anyone should find out they’ve been betrayed, when does a friend need to step up? Or when does a friendship come under fire because one party decided to stay mum on the subject of relationship tomfoolery?

    Leaking a video is kind of an extreme example, but we've asked ourselves some hard questions. Stepping forward is hard, but sometimes necessary. Or is it? Here's what we thought. 

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