the 10 best ways to celebrate jennifer lawrence's birthday

starting with my super sweet 16 and ending with mcdonald's.

Yes, we all know that Jennifer Lawrence has portrayed totally rad leading ladies on-screen (look no further than Katniss Everdeen, Tiffany Maxwell, and Mystique as proof). But off-screen, this funny girl is 100% hysterically honest and keeps us laughing IRL, too. 

So add some J Law into your life with these 10 ultimate ways to celebrate the 24th birthday of everyone's imaginary best friend. Order in some McDonald's and kick off your heels--it's what Jennifer Lawrence would want you to do. 

1.) Take a very pink walk down memory lane and re-watch her My Super Sweet 16 commercial.

2.) Re-watch her favorite movies, such as The Big Lebowski, Harold and Maude, and Midnight in Paris.

3.) Catch her cameo in Parachute's music video for "The Mess I Made."

4.) Snack on some almonds, Baby Ruths, and Laffy Taffy...these were Jennifer's necessities when attending the 2013 Oscars.

5.) Order your McDonald's to-go--and don't forget the fries and ketchup!

6.) Let inner fan girl loose and re-watch Jennifer's favorite music video, Britney Spears' "I'm a Slave 4 U."

7.) Bite the bullet and finally get a pixie cut. You know you want to... 

8.)  Rock some blue velvet like it's nobody's business. And don't be afriad to wear only flats. After all, Jennifer refers to high-heels as "Satan's shoes."

9.) Channel her Dior ads and go au naturel with your makeup for the day.

10.) Watch her Academy Awards acceptance just never gets old.