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    watch jhené aiko's video for "eternal sunshine"

    it'll blow you away

    by Hayden Manders April 07, 2015

    These days, there aren’t many new music videos that floor us. Sure, some carry an emotional weight that resonates for a few hours, but few rock us to our core. Jhené Aiko’s latest visual, “Eternal Sunshine,” falls into the latter category.

    To put it simply, “Eternal Sunshine” is a one-take shot of the 27-year-old rising off the ground of a nearby car crash with clips of her past interrupting her ascent. What’s not so simple is the complexity behind the take. For Aiko, “Eternal Sunshine” is as personal as a music video can get. A year after losing her brother to cancer, she, her daughter, her daughter’s father, and her sister were involved in a car accident. Suddenly, this isn’t just a gorgeous looking video of a melancholy song; it’s a cathartic experience for all involved—one whose impact outlasts the three-and-a-half minute clip. See for yourself above.

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