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    How Jillian Hervey Became A Curly-Haired Icon

    The singer takes us through her beauty routine

    by Yasmeen Gharnit 2016-06-07T16:45:00-04:00

    In the few short years since Jillian Hervey and Lucas Goodman linked up and formed Lion Babe, the duo has managed to infiltrate and impact the sonic scene in ways that more seasoned artists can only aspire to. With their authenticity and incredible presence, they've challenged the boundaries of soul and R&B music. Now, Hervey is setting out to change another industry: the realm of beauty. After collaborating with MAC earlier this year, the frontwoman is carving a space for curly-haired girls as the new face of Pantene.

    "Part of what I want to do is make people feel comfortable in their own skin, empowered, and strong," she says. "With girls, hair is such a big factor in how we deem ourselves beautiful or not beautiful, so it’s nice to be able to properly talk about it, and to have real products and real solutions to finding ways for curly-haired girls to feel good. For a long time, there weren't a lot of examples of women who were doing that, and there weren't ways to talk about it."

    Ahead, we catch up with Hervey to find out more about her mission, beauty routine, and Lion Babe's sonic evolution.

    How has your relationship to curly hair evolved through the years?
    I was born with curly hair, and I grew up in an environment without a lot of references to curly hair—I was around a lot of people that had long, straight hair. That was a little overwhelming. I was like, "My hair doesn’t do that, and I want it to because I want to fit in." As I’ve grown, it’s just evolved. I’ve embraced it even more, and I love to play it up, add more curls, and do my own thing. I want to really represent all the curly girls out there, and represent the natural movement, which has come back in full swing. It’s just going to progress and get more curly and more wild as I go.

    What are some curly hair tricks that you’ve picked up throughout the years, and how do you maintain your curls?
    The key is to make sure your hair is moisturized and that it’s strong and not dry. If you have moisturized hair for curls, that’s going to help you in the long run; the dryness will cause breakage. Frizz happens to everyone, but there are so many ways not to have frizz and to have healthy curls. I also try to not use too much heat, because that’s another thing that can overdo it. You don’t really need it, especially if you’re just trying to enhance your natural curl—the heat’s not going to do anything. It will probably either flatten it out or make it look shorter.

    Do you normally use a diffuser, or do you just let it air dry?
    I have used a diffuser before, but I do love to air dry. With a diffuser, you could use it on a low setting, but I want to make sure I don’t add as much heat because I like to play up everything, and that can be a lot on my hair. Whenever I’m just myself, I like to make sure I’m being as natural as I can.

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