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    All Of Justin Bieber's Questions, Answered

    you're welcome, beebz.

    by Hayden Manders 2015-11-17T14:00:00-05:00

    Photo: Courtesy of Island Records.

    Rihanna, in a torrid, hungover state, once shouted into the Twitter abyss, “What is life? Is there any?” Her bewilderment mimicked a feeling many people around her age experience: the existential crisis. Currently, Justin Bieber seems to be going through it. He spends half of his new album, Purpose, sending into the void sing-song questions about life, its meaning, and whether it’s the right time to apologize. The purpose of Purpose, it would seem, is to find purpose. Yes, we know “Life Is Worth Living,” but why is it worth living, Justin? So, we decided to see if the good ol’ existentialists had the answers to Bieber’s burning questions. What do we mean? Read on to find out.

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