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    Wanna Get Warm And Cozy? Get A Onesie.

    cute onesies for the comfy girls

    by veronica radyuk January 25, 2016

    All for onesies, and one for all! The onesie trend continues to take the world by storm, releasing some deep-rooted nostalgia (think Ralphie's bunny suit from A Christmas Story). These eccentric jumpsuits can be worn as pajamas, or if you're really feeling a little wild, out on the street. Kigurumi is a brand that embraces onesies to the fullest extent, offering pieces in the form of different creatures, from unicorns to pugs (yes we know, it's truly a dream come true). 

    Flip through the gallery above and shop the different Kigurumi pieces at NYLONshop. They will make you the life of the party, even if it's just a party for one (or a party for three if you count Netflix and that box of doughnuts). 

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