the checklist

how to have the dreamiest monday possible.

The Curator: Liza Darwin, Senior Web Editor

The Look: Haim at a Chloe event in Los Angeles, 2013
One of the things that I love so much about Haim is the fact that Este, Danielle, and Alana have such distinct personal styles. You know Alana's going to rock shorts; Danielle is all about the pants, and Este will 99.9% be in a minidress. I can't pick a favorite, so I'll just take all three. Cool?

The Face:
 Urban Decay's Naked Flushed Palette-- $30
Now that three versions of the Naked eyeshadow have proven how pretty going au naturale can be, it's about time that Naked got itself a face powder palette. With a bronzer, highlighter, and blush included, it's all you need to fake awake on a Monday morning. 

The News: Iggy Azalea is remaking a Biggie classic.
The Aussie singer has teamed up with Keyshia Cole on "Mo Money, Mo Problems." Listen to a snippet here

The Inspiration: Kirsten Dunst in Band of Outsiders campaign
Even if it's Monday and it's (still!) cold outside, looking at these dreamy photos of Kirsten Dunst in Band of Outsiders' spring '11 campaign is enough to convince anyone that yes, spring is just around the corner...and it's going to be awesome. In the meantime, we suggest stocking up on plain white crewnecks, sunglasses, and lollipops. 

The Song: "Hard to Hold" by RAC featuring Tegan and Sara
What do you get when you take one amazing producer, a ton of catchy hooks, and our favorite pair of musical twins? The ear-wormiest song ever, that's what. Check it out can thank me later.