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    the kristen stewart role that everyone is talking about

    the clouds of sils maria

    by leila brillson January 15, 2015

    From the moment this film was screened, critics began to chime in: This was the role Kristen Stewart was born to play. The husky-voiced Kristen plays as the object of affection for her aging (or "aging") actress boss, the gorgeous and initimable Juliette Binoche, in a story that seems meta-aware of each of its leads' roles in Hollywood. The plot appears like this: Binoche's Maria appears in a revival of a play that rose her to prominence twenty years ago, but not in the role that she originally played, which was that of a young ingenue who drives her boss to suicide. Instead, she will return as the older woman, and playing across from her on-stage is the younger Chloe Grace Moretz, a young, bad-tempered star with runny eyeliner and a disdain for press (much like the IRL Stewart). While the on-stage drama plays out, Maria seems to become increasingly reliant on her assistant (Kristen, naturally), whose penchant for tousling her hair and half-smiles makes her role oddly sinister. 

    The buzz around Clouds Of Sils Maria has been building for ages — and, with films pairing her with heavyweights like Julianne Moore and now Binoche, Kristen is eyeing the awards circuits in earnest. Kristen Stewart, best actress nom? 


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