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    OUTSPOKEN: 14 LGBTQIA Advocates Changing The World

    Here and queer: let's talk about it

    by Hayden Manders, Tile Wolfe and Gabrielle Korn 2016-06-21T12:30:00-04:00

    Collage Photos by/courtesy of Brendan Jordan, Luke Gilford, Aaron Tredwell, Pamela Littky, Signe Pierce, Big Freedia, Laura Lewis,, Getty Images

    This year's LGBTQIA Pride Month will be marred forever by tragedy: Only a year after we won marriage equality, precious queer lives were taken from us at the hands of someone who would rather see us dead than kissing in public. But that's why we have pride year after year; it's why we march and scream and rally and celebrate. It's why we keep speaking out about homophobia, transphobia, and racism; it's why we insist on holding hands and loving each other openly.

    This Pride month, we're celebrating the outspoken individuals who have used their large platforms to call attention to the wants, needs, concerns, and demands of the LGBTQIA community. To be outspoken is to be fearless in what you say and, in turn, what you do. It's a trait many of us have, but due to nerves or environment situations, seldom employ. When we do, however, the possibility to help bring about positive change is high. The following 14 members of the community have taken their platform and used it for good. They embody what it means to be outspoken, and through their actions, comes hope. Happy Pride, all. Together, we stand taller and prouder.

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