the checklist

five things to know this am.

The Curator: Steff Yotka, Associate Web Editor 

The Look: Lily Ashwell Spring '14 
Snow? What, snow?! In my mind today is blissfully warm and I'm maxing and relaxing on the beach working on my tan in one of Lily Ashwell's mini-print dresses. 

The Face: Philosophy Raspberry Sorbet Lip Shine
Whether you're in hot or cold climates, you always need a good lip moisturizer. Philosophy's Lip Shine is my new fave because it combines the benefits of a balm with the fun of a gloss. And it has just a hint of raspberry color to make you feel fancy when applying it. 

The News: See the First Poster for NBC's Rosemary's Baby Starring Zoe Saldana
She's come a long way since Center Stage, guys. So what's the damage on NBC's new version of the Roman Polanski-Mia Farrow classic? We'll have to wait to find out, but we can guarantee it's going to be scary.

The Inspiration: Juergen Teller and Charlotte Rampling from Louis XV by Juergen Teller
I don't know why, but I am 100-percent captivated by the colors in this photo of Teller and Rampling kissing on a piano in Paris. The pristine teal walls against the vibrant tropicalia in the foreground is how I want every day of my life to look. 

The Song: "Fever" - The Black Keys
They're back! And with a song that will make your Tuesday night feel much more like a Friday. Isn't that the dream?