the checklist

make your wednesday great with lily collins, celeb couples, and hanni el khatib.

The Look: Lily Collins in October '09
Obviously we know and Lily Collins now, but back in '09 when we featured the up-and-coming actress, she was relatively unknown. Sporting a T-shirt, a blazer, and some Bermuda shorts, this just might be our new favorite outfit for this awkward in-between seasons time. Also, those brows! Awesome back then, even better now.

The Face:  Fresh Candle
I'm way too paranoid a person to have candles burning in my apartment. But when I do, I always make it this long-burning, amazing-smelling one from Fresh. It's crisp and cheery and, well, fresh, without becoming overly sweet or floral. Even if spring weather is still a few weeks away, this makes my cold-weather denial way easier. 

The News: And the CFDA nominees are...
Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, and Altuzarra all nabbed nobs, and so did Mary-Kate and Ashley. See the whole list here!

The Inspiration: Old Loves
Fact: going through oldschool celebrity couples never gets old. A much cooler version of your highschool yearbook, it doesn't matter if it's Britney and Justin, Brad or Jen, or Fiona Apple and David Blaine (because yeah, that happened...). I can't really think of a site that makes me happier. 

The Song: "Penny" by Hanni El Khatib
Thank you, a million times, to Hanni El Khatib for making a single that's essentially sunshine in a song. "Penny" is an instant mood booster, the perfect thing to get you over the Humpday blahs. OK, besides coffee.