3 Matte Lipstick Trends To Try This Season

Matte is where it's at

Photographed by Savanna Ruedy

The cooler months don't have to signal a total shift in your wardrobe and style from brighter hues to cooler ones. Mind over matter is a fascinating thing; dress for the weather you want, right? The same can be said about your beauty routine. By keeping an arsenal of light and summery lipsticks in your fall rotation, you'll help fight off whatever winter blues may come your way. Talk about being proactive. 

To help bring three stunning everyday lip trends to life, we linked up with makeup artist Anthony Tulve for some ins and outs of fall beauty. Armed with Clinique's new line of matte lipsticks and primers, Tulve made runway beauty a do-it-yourself breeze.

Fall, we love you, but we're keeping it bright this season, and we're sealing that note with a pretty, matte kiss.

Photographed by Savanna Ruedy; Styled by Marissa Smith; Makeup by Anthony Tulve; Hair by Ryan Austin; Modeled by Sarah Kaufmann/Major Model Management.