editor's pick: check yourself

    before you wreck yourself... or your wardrobe.

    by steff yotka · February 07, 2014
    February is the month where my wardrobe goes sour. Jeans feel old news, but tights and skirts seem like an impossibility with the below-freezing temperatures. Enter Local Heroes plaid T-shirt. The perfect plus one to my daily uniform. With a turtleneck layered underneath, a dangly charm necklace, and stacked heel boots, I feel like Esther Heseech walking down the Celine fall '13 runway, which is a pretty awesome way to feel when the ground is covered in slushy snow and your apartment feels more like an igloo than a home. 

    So many thanks to Local Heroes for making a T-shirt that not only brightened by wardrobe, but also my mood. Get yours here and see if its magic works on you too. 

    Tags: editorspick, fashion
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