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    Lola Coca Ruins Birthday Sex for Couples Everywhere in “Bad Girlfriend”

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    by Taj Reed 2015-12-12T17:21:55-05:00

    Evan Tetreault

    Who said that your special day meant you were entitled to something special? Whoever it was hadn’t listened to Lola Coca’s debut track “Bad Girlfriend.” The hip-pop newcomer delivers her anti-coital message with punchy lyricism and plenty of sass in this exclusive video premiere.

    A fresh voice for pop music's colorful scene, Lola is the perfect harmony of Megan Fox and Meghan Trainor (leave, everything you hate about the two) with cat-eyed sultriness and a provocative, boom-bap sound born from her love of 90’s ska and hip-hop. “Bad Girlfriend” is the first official video off of Lola’s forthcoming project, but she already seems outfitted for the next spot in a long line of UK-bred popstresses whose music burgeons stateside. 

    “For all the bad boyfriends I’ve ever had,” revealed Lola, “and, for all of the boys I have been a bad girlfriend to, this one’s for you.”

    Check out the video below and download “Bad Girlfriend” on iTunes. 

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