the london look

street style from our crumpet-loving neighbors.

all photos by julia lundin

Brits—they're just like us, right? Well, aside from their punk rock roots, penchant for riots, and royal family (jealous!). And no matter the geographic distance, we will always feel a certain kinship with our once-rulers, especially when it comes to their style decisions.

We like to think, in our heart of hearts, that they look to us—the girls strutting down Bowery and hopping across the cobblestone SoHo streets—just as we look to them—the rockers at Camden Market, the late-night Shoreditchers, and even the chichi chics of South Kensington. So in that spirit, we're borrowing (and/or "sharing") some fashion inspiration from our crumpet-loving neighbours across the pond, brought to us via Julia Lundin's street style shots. Join us, won't you?