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    these philips x o'neill headphones are the real deal.

    by liza darwin April 13, 2011
    The ten minutes we spent the other day untangling those annoying iPod earbuds was enough to convince us that we needed to splurge on a a new pair of headphones.

    But while spending more for higher quality is one thing, we don't want to buy a pair that's so expensive, we'd die if we accidentally left them on the subway.

    Fortunately, the new Philips x O'Neill collaboration is the perfect middle ground. Ranging from $30 earbuds to $60 larger styles, each pair in the line has amazing sound quality, volume and track controls on select models, and a comfortable fit that won't fall out when you're running on the treadmill (or sprinting for the train). 

    But most importantly? They all have tangle-free cables, which means less time spent unknotting cords and more time spent turning up the music and tuning out.

    Buy them here.
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