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    editor's pick: throwing shade

    a mad men-inspired take on a beach destination look.

    by ashley baker 2013-12-23T12:53:01-05:00

    My holiday beach vacation is taking me to San Diego, and in case you were wondering, my look will be inspired by Megan Draper's Hawaiian getups in Mad Men (with a touch of Masters of Sex's Libby Masters' Floridian sensibilities, as well). 

    Naturally, a pair of vintage-inspired statement shades is required--the more bling, the better. Gasoline Glamour's black caviar sunglasses will do nicely with my swimwear selection, and I swear they'll even work to warm up the frostiest cold-weather looks I'll be sporting upon my return to New York. Pick up a pair here!

    Tags: editorspick, fashion, accessories
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