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    Maisie Williams Is Not Having Hollywood Nonsense

    In our May cover story

    by leila brillson 2016-04-15T09:30:00-04:00

    Photographed by Dani Brubaker. Sweater by Chanel, briefs by Aquilano Rimondi, headband by Jennifer Behr.

    It’s a cool Thursday afternoon in Santa Monica, California, and Maisie Williams is skirting the paparazzi in a pair of purple vintage roller skates. “Arsehole,” she curses under her breath. “Ugh, it’s so bad in America. Back home in England, they just take the shot and go. Here, they’ll follow you for hours.”

    The offending pap seemed to appear from out of nowhere, but then again, I’m not the 19-year-old sword-wielding star of the most talked-about fantasy series on television for six years running, and thus am not on the lookout for such things. I’m also not much of a skater, and have been spending the past hour desperately trying not to careen out of control and instigate a Red Wedding-style disaster, or, at the very least, injure the actress who plays Arya Stark, the fan-favorite character who sits firmly in the center of the zeitgeist otherwise known as Game of Thrones. In case you’ve been up in Wildling territory for the last half-decade, Arya, through sheer grit and a quiet toughness, is one of only a handful of characters to have survived every bloody season.

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