the wite-out manicure is making a major comeback...

    by ali hoffman · November 26, 2012
    Long before Charlotte Free, Gwen Stefani rocked hot pink tresses. And a decade before Jeremy Scott sent his models down the runway wearing vibrant bindis, Stefani performed on stage with a similar decorative mark between her brows.

    But in case you're still not quite ready to dub the No Doubt singer a true trendsetter, we've got a new piece of evidence to help get you there.  

Enter Stefani's snow white manicure, an opaque, pure white polish the artist's rocked ever since No Doubt's Tragic Kingdom World Tour--and is still seen sporting the look (check out this month's cover story for proof). The bright ivory lacquer may have seemed a bit odd and daring a few years back, but just like past Stefani trends, we've become completely obsessed.  

    So after a weekend of testing polishes, we've determined our favorite snowy white hues for achieving the perfect Stefani style manicure.

    Sure, it may look like the Wite-Out manicure we gave ourselves back in Geometry class—but who does retro better than Gwen?

    Tags: nails, beauty
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