Marina and the Diamonds' 'Froot' Treads Into Jagged Territory

and juicy

Photographed by Eric T. White

"Up until age 27, I hadn't really changed as a person since I was, like, 18,” says Marina Diamandis, a.k.a. Marina and the Diamonds. The now 29-year-old, bundled up in a stark white trench that makes her bright red lips pop even more, is scanning a small New York City café for open seats and talking about the period when she began writing the songs for Froot, her third full-length album, out this month on Atlantic Records. At that time, she had just ended her Electra Heart tour, not to mention her “first adult relationship,” as she puts it. “I took a look at my life to try and figure out what it was that wasn’t making me very happy,” she says. “And I asked myself: Why was I hanging out with certain people when I knew that wasn’t really who I was?” 

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Photographer: Eric T. White
Stylist: Paolo Nieddu
Hair: Siobhan Benson using Oribe 
Makeup: Daniella Shachter at Workgroup using NARS