the 8 most shocking scenes in hbo's history

spoiler alert. also, nsfw.

photo via hbo

While Hollywood’s elite was gathered for the Golden Globes to toast their achievements in film and TV, HBO’s often-controversial show, Girls, was premiering their fourth season. Lena Dunham has never shied away from depicting bouts of awkward sexuality, but people were still shocked when Marnie–played by Allison Williams–hunkered over a kitchen sink and engaged in a little “ass motorboating” (her words, not ours). Dunham certainly wasn’t reinventing the sexual wheel, but the timing of the sex act paired with the glamour associated with an awards show seemed like the ultimate "eff you" to her critics. HBO has clearly given Dunham ample space to take risks on her show, so it begs the question: Was this sex scene even that shocking for a network whose calling card is “edge"? Let’s explore some of the most shocking scenes HBO has ever hit viewers with.

*Spoilers follow. You’ve been warned…