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    8 Of Your Favorite Cult Classics You Can Netflix Right Now

    you know you love 'em.

    by gabriel bell 2015-10-20T13:14:38-04:00

    Image via New World Pictures

    You boot up Netflix with the intention to find something new, something exciting, something you’ve never seen before. But, honestly, sometimes all that hunting and finding just isn’t as satisfying as grabbing an old, cult classic you’ve seen 24.6 times and settling in for a long evening of lip-synching along to the dialogue. Really, the oldest and most-time tested pleasures are often the best.

    So, here are eight cult classics that are already in your mental list of all-time faves to add to your queue and have on call for the next time an old bestie is over, or when you just want to curl up and disappear into familiar world for 120 minutes. Enjoy.

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