the top 10 craziest vma outfits

who made the cut last night?

all photos via getty images

Go weird or go home: That's the motto behind the MTV Video Music Awards, where basic (read: boring) outfits just won't fly. And for good reason! After all, where else can you rock blue mini-buns a la '90s Gwen Stefani, don a meat dress like Lady Gaga, or wear a bejeweled teddy bear leotard inspired by Miley? Nowhere, duh. This is the one award show a year where you actually look lame for playing it safe in a classic gown. 

While the outfits this year didn't cause quite as much drama as the ensembles in years past, they were awesome in some seriously unique ways....starting with Katy Perry's incredible Britney and Justin throwback and ending with TSwift's scandalous (for her, anyway) romper. Click through to see the best/weirdest/coolest looks from last night below, then tell us your favorite in the comments.