happy national cheeseburger day!

because everything is better with cheese.

Twitter is good for a lot of things, but chief among them is alerting us of very important holidays we may have otherwise missed, like, National Cheeseburger Day which is today and is amazing. 

In honor of the holiday, the NYLON Digital Staff (with the help of our interns) found the best burger joints in our neighborhood and ran out during our lunch breaks to sample the cheesy cuisine available to us. Read our findings below while you stuff your face with some beef or veggie patties sandwiched between buns. Treat yo'self!

Rebecca Willa Davis, Executive Web Editor
Burger Joint: Burger and Barrel
Order: The Classic
Why It's Good: I know, I know, a bun is kind of besides the point when it comes to a burger. But this one is so perfect that it almost doesn't matter what is in between it (though that's really good, too). Bonus points for the two onion rings that come with every order.

Liza Darwin, Senior Web Editor
Burger Joint: Soho Park, 62 Prince St, New York, NY 10012
Order: Classic Park Cheeseburger with Basil Mayo Dipping Sauce
Why It's Good: It's the perfect-sized burger, but it's the delicious dipping sauces (for an additional 75 cents each) that really set it apart.

Liz Riccardi, Digital Design Director

Burger Joint: Bareburger, 535 LaGuardia Place, New York, NY 10012
Order: The Western Burger
Why It's Good: The "house-made carolina slaw" was  super dope and the crispy spicy pickle spear was spicy tangy delicious-ness. I ordered it medium rare and it was a little overcooked IMO.

Estefanie Duque, Web Programmer
Burger Joint: Bareburger, 535 LaGuardia Place, New York, NY 10012
Order:  Roadhouse Burger on Brioche Bun
Why It's Good: It has bacon, avocados, and spicy mayo--everything you need in life. Every bite was a little piece of heaven.

Steff Yotka, Associate Web Editor
Burger Joint: Waverly Restaurant, 385 6 Avenue, New York, NY 10014
Order: Veggie Cheeseburger with Fries
Why It's Good: It's giant, comes with fries, onion rings, a pickle, and cole slaw and only costs $7.75. Win-win-win-win-win.

Christian Lavery, Men's Associate Web Editor
Burger Joint: Delicatessen, 54 Prince St, New York, NY 10012
Order: The Classic (I added avocado for an extra two bucks.)
Why It's Good: The meat was seasoned perfectly and every ingredient on the burger was fresh. The lettuce, tomato, and onion were crisp while the avocado added a little extra flavor and texture to the overall experience of each bite. It was placed between a super soft bun that almost melted into the burger making it that much better. The side of fries and pickle that it came with didn't hurt either.  

Jackie Yaeger, Newsletter Editor
Burger Joint: McDonald's, 262 Canal Street, New York, NY 10013
Order: Big Mac (#1)
Why It's Good: Two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun. The best thing about a Big Mac is that (for the most part) it tastes the same every time you get it: five years ago, twenty years from now--the special sauce is special forevz.

Connor Stanley, Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief
Burger Joint: Broadway Gourmet, 588 Broadway, New York, NY 10012
Order: California Burger
Why It's Good: It's all about the swiss cheese!



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