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    happy binging!

    by Ben Barna · August 31, 2015

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    There was a time when we would only update you, our dear readers, on which titles Netflix was adding each month to their streaming catalogue. Well, those days are over, because it would be irresponsible of us and a disservice to you to ignore the rise of other streaming services like HBO Go and Amazon Prime. So, in that spirit of inclusiviity, here are all the new titles being added by the streaming giants for the month of September. Happy binging! 

<p><strong>Available Sept. 1</strong> <br /><em>Puffin Rock</em>, season one<br /><em>The League</em>, season six<br /><em>Da Jammies</em>, season one<br /><em>Mister Rogers&rsquo; Neighborhood</em>, volume one&nbsp;<br /><em>The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl </em><br /><em>Zathura</em> <br /><em>72 Dangerous Animals: Australia</em>, season one<br /><em>Giggle and Hoot&rsquo;s Best Ever!</em> <br /><em>Person of Interest</em>, seasons one through three<br /><em>Up in the Air</em> <br /><em>Combustion Los Hombres Tambi&eacute;n Lloran</em>, season one&nbsp;<br /><br /><strong>Available Sept. 2</strong> <br /><em>Black or White</em></p>
<p><strong>Sept. 4</strong> <br /><em>Bad Night Madam Secretary</em>, season one<br /><br /><strong>Available Sept. 8</strong> <br /><em>6 Years</em> <br /><br /><strong>Available Sept. 9</strong> <br /><em>Teen Beach Movie 2</em></p>
<p><strong>Available Sept. 10</strong> <br /><em>Longmire</em>, season four<br /><em>Fugitivos</em>&nbsp;<br /><br /><strong>Sept. 11</strong> <br /><em>Madame Bovary</em></p>
<p><strong>Sept. 12</strong> <br /><em>Portlandia</em>, season five&nbsp;<br /><em>Why Did I Get Married?</em></p>
<p><strong>Available Sept. 13</strong> <br /><em>Comedy Bang! Bang!</em>, season four&nbsp;(part&nbsp;two) <br /><br /><strong>Available Sept. 14</strong> <br /><em>Call the Midwife</em>, series four<br /><br /><strong>Available Sept. 15</strong> <br /><em>Conspiracy: The Sustainability Secret</em>&nbsp;<br /><br /><strong>Sept. 16</strong> <br /><em>The Blacklist</em>, season two<br /><em>Moonrise Kingdom </em><br /><br /><strong>Available Sept. 17</strong> <br /><em>The Mysteries of Laura</em>, season one<br /><br /><strong>Available Sept. 18</strong> <br /><em>Keith Richards: Under the Influence</em> <br /><br /><strong>Available Sept. 21</strong> <br /><em>Gotham</em>, season one<br /><em>The Following</em>, season three<br /><br /><strong>Available Sept. 22</strong> <br /><em>Smosh: The Movie Person of Interest</em>, season four&nbsp;<br /><em>Philomena</em> <br /><br /><strong>Available Sept. 25</strong> <br /><em>VeggieTales in the House</em>, season one&nbsp;<br /><em>Parenthood</em>, season three<br /><em>Blue Bloods</em>, season five&nbsp;<br /><em>Hawaii Five-O</em>, season five&nbsp;<br /><br /><strong>Available Sept. 27</strong> <br /><em>The Walking Dead</em>, season five&nbsp;<br /><br /><strong>Available Sept. 29</strong> <br /><em>Bones</em>, season 10 <br /><em>R.L. Stine&rsquo;s Monsterville: Cabinet of Souls</em></p>


    Available Sept. 1
    Puffin Rock, season one
    The League, season six
    Da Jammies, season one
    Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, volume one 
    The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl
    72 Dangerous Animals: Australia, season one
    Giggle and Hoot’s Best Ever!
    Person of Interest, seasons one through three
    Up in the Air
    Combustion Los Hombres También Lloran, season one 

    Available Sept. 2
    Black or White

    Sept. 4
    Bad Night Madam Secretary, season one

    Available Sept. 8
    6 Years

    Available Sept. 9
    Teen Beach Movie 2

    Available Sept. 10
    Longmire, season four

    Sept. 11
    Madame Bovary

    Sept. 12
    Portlandia, season five 
    Why Did I Get Married?

    Available Sept. 13
    Comedy Bang! Bang!, season four (part two)

    Available Sept. 14
    Call the Midwife, series four

    Available Sept. 15
    Conspiracy: The Sustainability Secret 

    Sept. 16
    The Blacklist, season two
    Moonrise Kingdom

    Available Sept. 17
    The Mysteries of Laura, season one

    Available Sept. 18
    Keith Richards: Under the Influence

    Available Sept. 21
    Gotham, season one
    The Following, season three

    Available Sept. 22
    Smosh: The Movie Person of Interest, season four 

    Available Sept. 25
    VeggieTales in the House, season one 
    Parenthood, season three
    Blue Bloods, season five 
    Hawaii Five-O, season five 

    Available Sept. 27
    The Walking Dead, season five 

    Available Sept. 29
    Bones, season 10
    R.L. Stine’s Monsterville: Cabinet of Souls

    <p><strong>HBO NOW</strong></p>
<p><strong>New Original Programming:</strong> <br /><em>Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Houston Texans</em> (Season Finale, 9/9) <br /><em>Ferrell Takes the Field</em> (9/12) <br /><em>Project Greenlight</em> (9/13) <br /><em>Doll &amp; Em</em>, Season Two&nbsp;Premiere (9/13) <br /><em>Heroes Cotidianos</em> (9/16) <br /><em>VICE Special Report: Prisons</em> (9/27) <br /><em>San Francisco 2.0</em> (9/28)</p>
<p><strong>Saturday Night Movies:</strong> <br /><em>Wild</em>, 2014 (9/5) <br /><em>Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb</em>, 2014 (9/12) <br /><em>Exodus: Gods and Kings</em>, 2014 (9/19) <br /><em>Unbroken</em>, 2014 (9/26)</p>
<p><strong>Notable Films New to HBO NOW: (Available September 1)</strong> <br /><em>Beetlejuice</em>, 1998 <br /><em>Blades of Glory</em>, 2007 <br /><em>Blade Runner</em>, 1982 <br /><em>Bring it On</em>, 2000 <br />Center Stage, 2000 <br /><em>The Departed</em>, 2006 <br /><em>The Faculty</em>, 1998 <br /><em>The Good Son</em>, 1993 <br /><em>The Good, the Bad and the Ugly</em>, 1966 <br /><em>Her</em>, 2013 <br /><em>How Stella Got her Groove Back</em>, 1998 <br /><em>In the Heat of the Night</em>, 1967 <br /><em>Manhattan</em>, 1979 <br /><em>The Rocky Horror Picture Show</em>, 1975 <br /><em>Staying Alive</em>, 1983 <br /><em>Thelma &amp; Louise</em>, 1991 <br /><em>Titanic</em>, 1997 <br /><em>V for Vendetta</em>, 2005</p>

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    New Original Programming:
    Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Houston Texans (Season Finale, 9/9)
    Ferrell Takes the Field (9/12)
    Project Greenlight (9/13)
    Doll & Em, Season Two Premiere (9/13)
    Heroes Cotidianos (9/16)
    VICE Special Report: Prisons (9/27)
    San Francisco 2.0 (9/28)

    Saturday Night Movies:
    Wild, 2014 (9/5)
    Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, 2014 (9/12)
    Exodus: Gods and Kings, 2014 (9/19)
    Unbroken, 2014 (9/26)

    Notable Films New to HBO NOW: (Available September 1)
    Beetlejuice, 1998
    Blades of Glory, 2007
    Blade Runner, 1982
    Bring it On, 2000
    Center Stage, 2000
    The Departed, 2006
    The Faculty, 1998
    The Good Son, 1993
    The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, 1966
    Her, 2013
    How Stella Got her Groove Back, 1998
    In the Heat of the Night, 1967
    Manhattan, 1979
    The Rocky Horror Picture Show, 1975
    Staying Alive, 1983
    Thelma & Louise, 1991
    Titanic, 1997
    V for Vendetta, 2005

    <p><strong>AMAZON PRIME</strong></p>
<p><strong>September 1</strong> <br /><em>Little Giants</em><br /><em>Maya the Bee</em><br /><em>Private Parts&nbsp;</em><br /><em>The Blair Witch Project&nbsp;</em><br /><em>The Blair Witch Project 2: Book of Shadows</em><br /><em>Desperately Seeking Susan</em><br /><em>Hannah and Her Sisters</em><br /><em>Killer Klowns From Outer Space</em><br /><em>Lord of Illusions&nbsp;</em><br /><em>Popeye</em><br /><em>The Crucible</em><br /><em>The Swan Princess&nbsp;</em><br /><em>Hannibal Rising</em><br /><em>Anywhere But Here</em></p>
<p><strong>September 3</strong> <br /><em>Stuart Little&nbsp;</em><br /><br /><strong>September 4</strong> <br /><em>Dear White People</em><br /><em>Hand of God</em>, season one<br /><br /><strong>September 5</strong> <br /><em>Gabriel</em><br /><em>Extreme Movie</em><br /><em>Deli Man&nbsp;</em><br /><em>I Am Big Bird: The Caroll Spinney Story</em><br /><br /><strong>September 10</strong> <br /><em>Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter</em><br /><br /><strong>September 12</strong> <br /><em>Men, Women &amp; Children</em><br /><br /><strong>September 16</strong> <br /><em>A Smile Like Yours</em></p>
<p><strong>September 18</strong> <br /><em>From Prada to Nada</em></p>
<p><strong>September 21</strong><em>&nbsp;</em><br /><em>Halloween </em>(2007) <br /><em>Serendipity</em></p>
<p><strong>September 30</strong>&nbsp;<br /><em>Grimm</em>, season four</p>

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    September 1
    Little Giants
    Maya the Bee
    Private Parts 
    The Blair Witch Project 
    The Blair Witch Project 2: Book of Shadows
    Desperately Seeking Susan
    Hannah and Her Sisters
    Killer Klowns From Outer Space
    Lord of Illusions 
    The Crucible
    The Swan Princess 
    Hannibal Rising
    Anywhere But Here

    September 3
    Stuart Little 

    September 4
    Dear White People
    Hand of God, season one

    September 5
    Extreme Movie
    Deli Man 
    I Am Big Bird: The Caroll Spinney Story

    September 10
    Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter

    September 12
    Men, Women & Children

    September 16
    A Smile Like Yours

    September 18
    From Prada to Nada

    September 21 
    Halloween (2007)

    September 30 
    Grimm, season four

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