the four designers to watch out for this week!

With New York Fashion Week only days away, the talk of the office mostly consists of comparing seat numbers and predicting what surprises our favorite brands have in store. But aside from who's going to open for Marc by Marc Jacobs and what the makeup will look like at Rodarte, there's a new crop of designers we keep hearing rumblings about. So, without further ado, here's our list of upcoming designers to look out for this week. Trust us, this won't be the first time you'll be hearing about them...

Designer: Hanako Maeda
Local: Tokyo
 Claim to Fame: Invited by Japanese government to show at Shanghai Fashion Week
 For the Girl Who: Opts for classic, silhouettes--with an artistic twist.

 Nolan Bellavance
 Designer: Nolan Bellavance
 Local: New York
Claim to Fame: Won the first ever MADE for Peroni Young Designer award last year.
For the Girl Who: Isn't afraid of dressing too modern-- and doesn't mind a bit of leather either.

new designer
Nina Skarra
designer: Nina Skarra
 Local: Norway
Claim to Fame: Often worn by Norwegian royalty.
For the Girl Who: Likes to dress environmentally conscious, but doesn't want to look too granola.

 Brandon Sun
designer: Brandon Sun
Local: New York
Claim to Fame: Prior to launching his own line, Sun made a name for himself as Design Director for the fur division at Oscar de la Renta.
For the Girl Who: Likes to dress a little bit luxe, but doesn't want anyone to know that.

new designer 2