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    Nicky Hilton Spills The Bag On Her Bag Line

    the chicest capsule collection

    by dani stahl 2015-10-07T12:30:00-04:00

    Nicky Hilton and Linea Pelle teamed up to release of a fall 2015 capsule collection, named Nicky Hilton x Linea Pelle. It features 11 sleek designs, including clutches, backpacks, and larger, everyday styles in genuine leather and animal-printed calf—so there's a lot to choose from. Since we're total bag hoarders, we wanted to find out more about the new line, so we rang up Nicky Hilton herself.

    Following in the Hilton Family footsteps, Nicky is well on her way to total brand domination as a designer, author, and entrepreneur. Below, she gives us all the details about her brand-new collection coming out this season, including inside secrets like how the bags get their names.

    So, let’s talk about all these things: First of all, I find that day to night is a key thing. You’re always transitioning from something in the don’t have time to go home. Do these sizes really lend themselves to that lifestyle?
    Well, the Mercer Tote, that’s obviously too big. Traditionally, large bags for evening were an absolute no-no. I think that more recently, they’ve definitely become appropriate and almost on trend. I, personally, love an oversized clutch because I carry so much with me and I like a roomy bag that can carry my iPhone, my Blackberry, my camera, candy, and whatever crap I carry around.

    I’m sorry I must interrupt—an iPhone and a Blackberry?
    I am a Blackberry girl and loyal and I love it. I love my iPhone for apps and photos, but I cannot type my email on it for the life of me. So I have both!

    That is amazing: Two devices to lose, two devices to break. I love an oversized clutch too, and I feel like all the old rules have just been broken in general. For example, "You can’t wear white after Labor Day," or, "You shouldn’t wear an oversized clutch." I don’t think these rules stand true anymore, and I also don’t think that evening wear is defined the same.
    No, I think there are no rules with fashion anymore. I think everything is just a free-for-all, which is fun.

    Have you always been a bag girl?
    Yes. I’ve always been a bag addict. Some girls have shoes, jewelry... Bags were always my thing. At 17 years old, I got the opportunity to design my first collection with Samantha Thavasa, and I just had so much fun. I loved it. I was still in high school, and I did that for a few years and got into apparel and jewelry. To be doing bags again is just a dream come true. I love bags. I love buying them; I love designing them.

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